Aviatube, an independent company, provides competitive technical solutions in extrusion and drawing of hard aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry, and sectors such as sports & leisure, transportation, industry & defence.

We draw on our extensive expertise and know-how to manufacture lightweight, durable products with proven mechanical properties and thermal conductivity, designing tailor-made solutions adapted to our clients’ needs, across the world (Europe, North America, Asia).

We guarantee end-to-end management of tube development and manufacturing process, from the transformation of foundry billets to shipping our products. The unrelenting commitment of all our experts means that our products fully comply with our clients’ high-level requirements.

Our drive to perform reflects our determination to strive for excellence in product quality, cost and delivery.

We attribute our expertise to the skills of our employees and the long-term relationships that we have developed with our clients.

Aviatube’s values

  • We ensure transparency in our actions
  • We show passion
  • We continuously aim for performance
  • We deliver what we’re committed to
“Aviatube aims to bring performance. It is delivered by the expertise and commitment embedded within our teams, to achieve excellence and offer the best products.”  Bilal Anbari