French leader
in the design and manufacture of aluminium tubes


Aiming for performance


Our products

We design and manufacture very high-performance, lightweight tube products.  With symetrical or asymetrical cross-sections, the products come in a wide range of dimensions: from 22mm down to 0.2 mm thickness and from 2 mm up to 120 mm diameter.

The tubes are designed for all industry sectors seeking high-performance products that best combine lightness and strength.


Our high-performance aluminium tubes meet the full range of quality and safety requirements

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Sport and leisure

Expertise in  aerospace applied to the extreme sports industry

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Industry and defence

Innovation to meet the demands of cutting-edge technologies

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Tubes aluminum

Aluminium tubes

Aviatube designs and manufactures very high-performance aluminium alloy tubes.

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Core business area / Expertise

Aviatube has developed its business around a unique expertise: grease extrusion and drawing.

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Nadcap Accreditation for Heat Treating Has Been Awarded to Aviatube.

On july 18 Aviatube received Nadcap accreditation after successfully passing a Nadcap audit in Heat Treating.

This achievement is important for Aviatube as it demonstrates their commitment to delivering the highest standards of Heat Treating.
“Congratulations to Aviatube on successfully passing what may be the aerospace industry’s most stringent process capability assessment audit…

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